This software streamlines the collateral process by walking a user through the process of capturing pictures and data about each collateral piece on a mobile device and requesting an estimated value.  Often a loan involves multiple pieces of collateral, this software will organize the collateral for a business owner in a package listing all collateral with pictures and data.  This data can then be printed or downloaded.

Valuations can be done by HeavyWorth, a third party using data and an experienced individual in agriculture and construction equipment.  The software is flexible to allow those financial organization that have a designated estimating department to assign a value.

If there is a desire to sell a piece of collateral, we have an industry partner that makes it fast and easy to list on an auction site.

How to get started

Mobile app:

Go to App Store and download “HeavyWorth – Equipment Valuations”

Launch the application to start the photo and comment capturing of equipment


Enter owner’s name, email address and primary contact information:


The system will walk you through information to capture and once it is captured will show a green check mark.  For those items still needing to be captured, the item will have a gray circle with white check mark. 
Clicking on each section allows you to walk through the process and gather information necessary to evaluate the equipment.  If you click into a section and don’t have any of that specific information, click on “cancel” at the bottom of the screen and it will take you back to the main menu to select another section.  Capturing information in one section is required to be done with the capture process.  You can go back and update information at a later date.

Enter location of equipment

Enter equipment description

Take pictures of equipment.  The order of the pictures that are captured will be the order displayed in the “catalog”.  (For example, if the first picture is a profile picture and the second picture is VIN or Serial Number consistently, the employees will know quickly where to look for the information.)

Add special features of the equipment as it may impact the value

List any problems with the equipment which will also impact the value.

You will be able to view all the phots and add general notes.

Finally, you can enter the value of the equipment if you know the value.  (This value can be left blank by HeavyWorth person doing the capture or the bank employee doing the capture.  The Bank can have the employee capturing estimate the value and they can also adjust the value in the final estimate.  If the owner provides an estimate of the value, that should be put in the comment section.

Click on “Done Capturing” at the bottom of the screen.
You will be directed to a screen showing the profile picture and description.  At the top of this page you will see a status of “Capture in Progress”.
The pictures and descriptions are automatically sent to the HeavyWorth website which can be accessed by your organization.

Request valuation on Mobile Device:

After returning to the screen with the status, you are able to change the status by clicking on the “>” next to the Capture in Progress.

You want HeavyWorth to evaluate switch to “valuation requested”.
You want employee at the financial institution to estimate a value switch to “??”.
You evaluated the equipment and estimate is completed switch to “Finalized”.

1. (a)  Data will be analyzed by HeavyWorth within 48 hours and the person listed as “primary contact” will be notified by email when the valuation is done.

If there are questions on the valuation, contact 833-44HEAVY to discuss or email
Our customer service hours are 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. central time.


  On the website, you can search by words/names that would be located in Primary Owner or Equipment Owner and status.
Once you locate the equipment owner you want to review, highlight the name in blue and click.  You will be taken to more detailed information.
Each item in the package for that owner will be displayed on the left hand side.  By clicking on a specific item, you will be able to see information on the right hand side specific to that item within the package.
On the right hand side, you will see two tabs at the top.  One for “equipment” that gives the details of the equipment and “valuation” which gives the estimate of the equipment.  If you click on “view other estimates”, you will be shown a list of who evaluated it and at what price.  

Taking good pictures:

Follow these steps to have good pictures and a successful capture.

Well lit, clutter free area.
Pay attention to what may be in the background and foreground.
Listing quality, particularly image quality, can be enhanced by ensuring that the environment that the asset is located in is well lit and clutter free.
Remove garbage from the equipment.
Shut doors when taking pictures.
Lower attachments to the ground.
Verify that all attachments are going with the machine.
Frame the asset in the picture.

Order of Images:

Pictures should be taken in the same order each time. Below are the order of pictures.

1. Picture of the ICN tag
2. Catalog image (marketing image)
    a.This image should be taken on the drivers side at a 45 degree angle.
3. Broad external shots
    a.In total there will be 8 shots around the asset.
    b.Start with the marketing image and move around the asset clockwise.
4. Internal shots
    a.Internal shots should begin at the driver side door looking into the asset, then move around the interior.
5. Engine
6. Operational
7. Wear points
    Examples: Pivot points, moving parts, bearings, undercarriage parts, ground engagement parts.
8. VIN/ Serial plate


Software or version needs:

Mobile operating system requirements for the HeavyWorth mobile applications:
• iOS 11.0+ (iPhone only) 
• Android 5.0+
Web app requirements:
HeavyWorth runs on any operating system that supports a modern web browser.
Browser requirements:
We currently support the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge as well as most other modern browsers. IE11 support is being implemented currently.